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TEM Managed Services

TEM Managed Services : gain without pain

Convergence provides TEM solutions in one of three ways: as licensed and hosted applications, a managed application service (SaaS), or completely outsourced as a BPO (Business Process Outsourcer) Managed Service.

The telecom management team in most ICT departments is usually under-staffed and focused on resolving daily operational issues such as Move/Add/Change/Disburse (MACD), handling communication problems and supporting the telecom users.

The telecom management team’s time is often already stressed by the necessary focus on business oriented issues, technology roll-outs and user requests to support their efficiency and increase their productivity and satisfaction.

Yet, in the current economic climate and for years to come, business executives will remain concerned with managing costs, including runaway Telecom Expenses.

Telecommunication expenses may represent 25% to 50% of ICT expenses, yet are escaping cost-containment initiatives due to the growing complexity of Telecom Services. Managing telecom requires highly specialized people, with specific skills and deep industry knowledge that only comes with experience from a large number of TEM projects.

That’s why Convergence provides a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Services that manage and optimize data, voice, and mobile expenses while assuring that our customers need to commit a minimum of internal resources. Our TEMCare Managed Services, allow you to outsource the repetitive, tactical tasks that support your TEM initiative. We also provide TEMCare Managed services (out-tasked) for both on premise and Convergence hosted TEM deployments.

Convergence Managed Services provide in a complete solution to bring relief for the Telecom Expense Management pressure on your ICT Department, Telecom Procurement Category Managers and Financial department.

TEMCare Managed Services come in TEMCare Base, TEMCare Advanced and TEMCare Premium flavours and are customizable to specific needs.

Through years of investment and experience, our International Capabilities are second to none and address Pan-European, Global and Trans Atlantic needs.

Convergence Managed services encompass all Telecom Service Types, including Fixed Voice, Mobile Voice and Data, Data Communications, Conferencing, IPTV, Audio Streaming and more.

TEMCare Managed Services bring you a BPO solution for Invoice Management, Inventory Management, Assurance Management, Ordering & Provisioning, Rebilling & Allocations, Dispute Management, Strategic Sourcing Management, Business Intelligence and Mobile Expense Management including MDM – Mobile Device Management.

Telecom Expense Management Managed Services bring a readily available solution to manage risk and contain the telecom budget: 

  • Better visibility and management of telecom services and asset inventory avoid wasting the typical average of 10%-30% in telecom expenses a year.
  • Expertise and dedicated resources who thoroughly audit monthly telecom service provider bills result in avoiding overpayments of 7%-12%.
  • Organization-wide visibility into corporate voice, data, and mobile usage can result in 12%-18% in telecom spend otherwise forfeited.
  • Telecom service provider contracts are properly negotiated and scrutinized and rates and contract terms are brought to best-in-class for the enterprise subscriber.
  • Managed Business Intelligence brings timely enterprise-wide reliable and accurate high level summary reports and detailed analytics of telecom expenses.
  • User accountability in telecom usage increases and telecom abuse and fraud are avoided.

With the proliferation of new telecom service offerings combined with frequently turbulent global economic conditions, the complexities of managing and optimizing telecom costs have become imperative.

With Convergence’s TEM managed services it is easy to mitigate the complexities associated with managing and optimizing telecom expenses, and scarce expert knowledge becomes readily available.

Convergence Telecom Expense Management Managed Services highlights:

  1. Skilled TEM provider - Convergence team members are subject matter experts and have decades of experience in the global telecom sector.
  2. Flexible delivery options - We provide flexible deployment options with SLA-based control and accountability of delivery service levels. 
  3. Best technology available - Our managed services are fuelled by the most current and world-wide respected technology solutions and are based on continuous innovation and adoption of cutting edge technologies assuring maximum business value to enterprise-grade customers.
  4. Proven methodologies - Our services are based on industry best practices methods which we refine continuously with new innovations based on customer and extensive project experience.
  5. Efficient Services - Through far fetching service automation we can focus on improving our knowledge and experience to deal with the most complex issues in the timeliest manner.
  6. Open for customisation - We customise our Managed Services offering to the unique business requirements of each enterprise customer.
  7. Integrity and security - All customer data is handled in the most secure and confidential manner from first class Tier 1 provider hosting facilities across Europe.
  8. Customer Service – Our Managed Services imply customer services that are efficient, effective, excellent, equitable and empowering to assure you a TEM service you can depend on.
  9. Global focus – Convergence TEM services are international oriented by nature. Our services portfolio, methods, technologies and expertise are optimized to support organizations with an international or global footprint.
  10. Professional Services – TEMCare Managed Services are complemented by on-demand TEM Solutions providing value-added professional services, technologies and methodologies that enhance our packaged offerings.

Our Managed Services offerings are built upon Rivermine software and Convergence proprietary software, that help companies around the world quickly achieve telecom cost savings - an imperative in today's tightening business economy.

Our Managed Services technologies deliver managed services for companies ranging from mid-sized enterprises to global companies that exceed $500 million in annual telecom spend.

Contact us for more information on Convergence Managed Services

Services Managés en GFT enlèvent les complications

Dans le climat économique actuel et dans les années à venir, les responsables resteront concerner par les coûts de gestion, incluant les Dépenses en Télécommunications galopantes. Cependant, la plupart des organisations n’ont pas les ressources compétentes internes et sont en attente pour lancer une initiative de Gestion Financière des Télécommunications, nécessaires pour contenir les coûts en télécommunications et pour prolonger les processus GFT de façon régulière. Les dépenses en télécommunications peuvent représenter 25% à 50% des dépenses en TIC, pourtant on fuient les initiatives de coût de confinement dû à la complexité croissante des Services des Télécommunications.La gestion des télécommunications nécessite un personnel hautement spécialisé, avec des compétences spécifiques et une connaissance profonde en l’industrie qui vient uniquement avec l’expérience par un grand nombre de projets GFT. Les organisations peuvent découvrir qu’ils n’ont pas le personnel adéquat ou les bonnes ressources pour exécuter leur initiative de Gestion Financière des Télécommunications intérieurement, entière ou en partie. Les coûts opérationnels internes sont chers et les interventions administratifs complexes en gestion des factures des télécommunications, les relations fournisseur de service et spécialement, la croissance rapide des services mobile et data sont adressées efficacement par une initiative GFT. Mais en s’adressant au problème de ressource, est également important pour assurer les économies dans une façon rapide et durable.C’est pourquoi Convergence fournit un portfolio compréhensif des Services Managés pour assurer une gestion et une optimisation des dépenses en transmission des données, voix fixe et mobiles avec un minimum d’appel aux ressources internes.Notre Services Managés TEMCare, vous permet d’externaliser les tâches tactiques qui supportent votre initiative GFT. Nous fournissons les Services Managés TEMCare pour les déploiements en GFT sur site et/ou hébergés chez Convergence. Ces services basés sur SLA garantissent un contrôle et une visibilité sans précédent sur les dépenses en télécommunications de votre organisation en maintenant des normes de sécurité stricte et de confidentialité.Les Services Managés TEMCare emploient les bonnes pratiques de l’industrie, installent les processus collaboratifs entre vos ressources et celles de Convergence et sont personnalisables à vos besoins individuels et au niveau d’externalisation requis.Les Services Managés TEMCare enlève le souci d’établir et d’entretenir votre initiative GFT, sont réglés soigneusement pour correspondre aux besoins et budget de chaque client et se concentrent sur les résultats.

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