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Convergence Overview

  • Convergence Values

    Convergence Values

    Achieving sustainable, high performance results in an ever-flattening world drives us. Our values are based on collaboration, trust, innovation and dedication. Read more...

  • Convergence's Vision

    Convergence's Vision

    To provide clients with technology and expertise that allows them to better acquire, control, understand, and manage their telecom services and costs. Read more...

  • Locations


    Convergence is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Satellite offices are established across EMEA as our European customer base grows and TEM adoption expands internationally. Read more...

  • Convergence Companies

    Convergence Companies

    Convergence operates complementary business units as legal entities dedicated to Telecom Management Technology, Managed Service Operations, Technical and Business Consulting. Read more...

  • TEM Industry Background

    Industry Background

    Since the beginning of the 21st century TEM has evolved considerably and is now adopted world-wide by organizations eager to contain and reduce their operational expenses. Read more...

  • Convergence Member Portal

    Member Portal

    Members of the Convergence Virtual Teams have access to this member portal. On the intranet you can consult the extended knowledge base and actual support and company information. Read more...

  • Executive Leadership

    Executive Leadership

    Each member of Convergence’s management team has decades of enterprise software, technology and services expertise, bringing leadership to address European TEM needs. Read more...

  • Careers


    Convergence offers an excellent environment for talented and experienced professionals who want to develop a career in the TEM industry, either on a contractor or permanent basis. Read more...

Convergence's VisionOur Vision and Mission

At Convergence, we believe in a Vision on building a different kind of company with a mission to bring real value to customers.

Some years ago industry analysts have identified voice, data, and wireless telecom expenses, typically a company's third largest non-payroll expense, as a new frontier with vast potential for significant expense reduction opportunities.

This potential stems from the lack of visibility into and control of communication expenses attributed to complex contracts, a distributed and increasingly complex inventory, and erroneous carrier bills.

Convergence’s vision is to provide clients with technology-driven professional expertise that allows them to more effectively acquire, control, understand, and manage their fixed voice, mobile voice and data and data communications services -- and their associated costs. We are part of a worldwide network of independent TEM outsourcers utilizing proprietary and leading third party telecom expense management software. Our ability to help companies better manage their voice, data, and mobile costs is independent of a company’s decision to out-source or in-source their telecommunications expense management operations.

At Convergence, the measure of success is found not just in the growth of our business and customer base. Our success is measured in the dramatic sustained results our clients achieve using our TEMPOR and TEMPOR Enterprise Portal delivered TMP Telecom Management Platform, Rivermine Software, Convergence BillIntelligence and TEMExpert software, technology enabled TEMCare managed services and TEMSolutions Professional Services for Telecom Expense Management optimization services.

The World is Flat

The business world is being disrupted by the combined effects of growing emerging economies, shifts in global demographics, ubiquity of technology and accountability regulation.

Convergence leverages this paradigm shift to develop its activities and to bring the powerful TEM concept, technology and our experience to organizations worldwide.

The convergence of technology and the hyper-connected world are forcing massive shifts in markets, industries and wealth.

Widespread data connectivity, improved transportation and logistics, and fluctuating currencies have meant that our work is decreasingly place based. At the same time, the forces that have enabled globalization have allowed us to cross distances and time and have shifted economic power centres in the process.

Forces like common Web Standards, outsourcing and off-shoring have evened the playing field for some and advantaged new players. Areas that have few economic assets can grow their capabilities more quickly than ever before. New markets for goods and information open up quicker, more easily and farther away from the source.

The Flat World Business Concept is derived from the works of Thomas L. Friedman named “The World is Flat A brief history of the twenty-first century”. As author Thomas Friedman points out, these forces have caused a flattening of the world, where individuals, corporations and countries can compete more readily than before. Friedman recounts many examples in which companies in India and China are becoming part of large global complex supply chains that extend across oceans through the process commonly called as outsourcing.

He also describes how these changes are made possible through intersecting technologies, particularly the internet, fibre optics and the PC. We help our partners and customers take advantage of these defining forces of the twenty first century by implementing a Flat World outsourcing company focused on Total Expense Management.

Convergence Strategies' Mission

Convergence is a solutions company and expert in Telecom Expense Management delivering hard savings.
Through the combination of the TEM Concept (Process), world class TEM technology (Tools) and TEM specialist (People) experience, Convergence typically achieves 20% to over 40% of expense reductions from full lifecycle TTEM initiatives, most often without changing operators.
Convergence’s TEM solutions address the full telecom service life cycle. Solutions include, but are not limited to: invoice processing, ordering and provisioning management, inventory management, mobile device management, call accounting, auditing, usage reporting, cost centre allocations, spend analysis, process analysis, benchmark studies, requirement analysis, sourcing, contract negotiating, contract compliance, rate plan optimization, technology and architecture optimization and supplier performance measurement.
Convergence’s technology solutions enable organizations to gain visibility into, and control over their fixed voice, mobile voice and data, and data communications telecom spend and are multi-company, multilingual, multi-currency, multi-operator, and multi-country, hence supporting the requirements of international organizations.
Technology solutions are delivered on premise, as a managed service (SaaS) or in a hybrid setup, either directly to Global 2000 companies or through our growing network of independent TEM outsourcing partners.
Our technology combines US sourced TEM software from Rivermine Software, enhanced with Convergence’s localization and proprietary BillIntelligence invoice processing and TEMExpert Business Intelligence software, fulfilling the specific requirements for EMEA and international markets.
Results we enable from the TEMPOR collaborative portal delivered Total Telecom Service Lifecycle Management (TTSLM) software are supported by Convergence’s TEMCare Managed Services and TEMSolutions Professional Services that come with a no-nonsense 500% ROI guarantee, assuring high profitability to our customers for any project we execute.

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    Accessible through the TEMPOR and TEMPOR Enterprise TEM Portals, Convergence's BillIntelligence and TEMExpert software, integrated with Rivermine's leading TEM software result in true Global TEM capabilities.

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  • Download from the Convergence white paper library to improve your knowledge on best practices in Telecom Expense Management.

    Read the "What is TEM?" Rivermine primer.

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