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TEM for Enterprises

  • TEM for MidMarket Companies

    TEM for MidMarket Companies

    With TEM, MidMarket companies will find out that savings on telecom expenses may have a substantial impact on their balance sheet and bring a nice contribution to shareholder value. Read more...

  • TEM for Large National Companies

    TEM for Large National Companies

    Large National companies can benefit from TEM to better manage their national and int'l telecom expenses and the specific challenges that come with multisite management of their telecom inventory. Read more...


  • TEM for Global Companies

    TEM for Global Companies

    Telecom Expense Management allows Global Companies to obtain global insight in and control of their telecom assets and expenses resulting in dramatic cost savings. Read more...

TEM for Global Companies

Telecom Visibility, Control, Dramatic Savings

For most Global 2000 enterprises, telecom has become a top five expense. Unfortunately with increasingly widespread deployment of mobile, wired, and data networks, comes a fundamental lack of visibility and control.

Enterprises waste millions of dollars in telecom services that are overcharged, underutilized, ineffectively negotiated, and inefficiently deployed.

The Challenge: Escalating Telecom Expenses

When it comes to Enterprise Telecom Expense Management (TEM), the greatest challenge remains sheer volume: scores of telecom operators…hundreds of devices and circuits…thousands of invoices. As a result, errors, complexity, and inefficiencies are creeping into enterprise telecommunications networks - costing you time and money.

If your enterprise is like most, your telecom team relies on a tangle of spreadsheets, piecemeal processes, and patchwork applications to manage your telecom contracts, invoices, and inventory. You’ve likely discovered that it’s nearly impossible to answer even the most fundamental questions:

  • What are we being billed for?
  • Do our invoices match our actual inventory?
  • Are we paying too much?
  • Can we move to less expensive carriers?
  • Are we negotiating the best contracts?
  • Where are all of our telecom assets?
  • Are we paying for circuits we’re not using?
  • Can we optimize telecom network performance?
  • Should we convert to more cost-effective technologies?
  • Are we getting the best return on our telecom investment?

You don’t need guesses…you need answers. And Convergence delivers. Our groundbreaking telecommunications expense management solutions provide immediate answers to your most compelling business questions.

The Solution: Cut Your Enterprise Telecom Expenses by 20% to over 40%

Convergence's powerful TEM solutions can solve the challenge across your enterprise by automating the entire telecommunications expense management lifecycle, including contract negotiation, procurement, provisioning, inventory management, wireless device management, and invoice processing/auditing.

  • Control telecom expenses and eliminate invoice errors
  • Negotiate optimum telecom contracts and leverage corporate buying power
  • Properly allocate telecom costs
  • Decommission obsolete assets to avoid overcharges
  • Enable self-service to streamline telecom procurement while enforcing policies
  • Reduce or redeploy telecom/purchasing staff

Convergence delivers all the tools and services you need to automate telecom expense management, control costs across your enterprise and realize savings fast. Click here to request for more information and find out how TEM brings relief.

TEM in a Nutshell

Convergence TEM services in a nutshell
TEM or Telecom Expense Management is now on the agenda of many Finance, IT and Purchasing departments. They want to reduce telecom costs through telecom audit, improved telecom bill management,  better telecom contract management, telecom inventory management, timely telecom reports, tariff and usage optimization. Convergence is a telecom consulting organization offering both Managed Service and Business Process Outsourcing services, focusing on telecom expense and inventory management. Our full communications management lifecycle portfolio of services for telecom cost management includes telecom strategic sourcing services through telecom cost analysis, telecom contract negotiation, telecom RFx Development  and RFx Evaluation, telecom auction and telecom contract procurement services. Telecom optimization services to reduce telecom expenses include telecom invoice audit, tariff optimization, telecom network optimization, inventory optimization and technology upgrade assessments allowing for telecom cost reduction. Managed services reduce telecom cost through technology fueled management, allowing for ongoing telecom bill audit, telecom call accounting, telecom reporting, telecom invoice control and automated telecommunications audit. Business Process Outsourcing services provide you with TEM technology and telecom consultant  expert service for outsourced telecom cost control and telecom spend management logistics services, leading to  telecom expense reduction as well as reduction in operational telecom management costs.

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    Accessible through the TEMPOR and TEMPOR Enterprise TEM Portals, Convergence's BillIntelligence and TEMExpert software, integrated with Rivermine's leading TEM software result in true Global TEM capabilities.

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  • Download from the Convergence white paper library to improve your knowledge on best practices in Telecom Expense Management.

    Read the "What is TEM?" Rivermine primer.

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