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TEM Managed Services

  • Assurance Management

    Assurance Management

    Automation and auditing of commitments, billing, service inventory, market factors, spend and trend variances, configurations and utilization. Read more...

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    Empowers you with an unseen level of data access & insight in their telecom environment. This insight brings a quantum leap in your Lifecycle Management performance. Read more...

  • Sourcing Management

    Sourcing Management

    Enables organizations to negotiate prices, terms and conditions for strategic telecom buying on a cyclical basis,  measures contract and supplier performance. Read more...

  • Ordering & Provisioning

    Ordering & Provisioning

    Streamline the requesting and ordering of services & equipment, enabling to create and manage orders for all telecom activities: orders, changes, moves, and disconnects (MACD). Read more...

  • Invoice Management

    Invoice Management

    With a consolidated view of all fixed, mobile and datacom billing, organizations gain the benefits of operational flexibility and process efficiencies that free them to focus on core competencies. Read more...

  • Dispute Management

    Dispute Management

    Opens and tracks billing disputes, documents errors, follows up and engages appropriate contacts and escalates when necessary to manage disputes to closure, tracks and reconciles credits. Read more...

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Clients benefit from technology-driven services that allow Fixed Voice, Mobile Voice and Data and Data Communications inventory to reside in one centralized database. Read more...

  • Rebilling & Allocations

    Call Rebilling & Allocations

    Provides in the services to monitor and control usage and infrastructure costs, produces exports, interfaces and reports for cost-allocation purposes. Read more...

Business IntelligenceFrom Data to Knowledge to Savings

Leading analyst firms observe that business intelligence will be instrumental for TEM's future.

Business Intelligence happens to be where Convergence management has its roots and Convergence’s TEMExpert Business Intelligence solution has been in use for almost a decade providing telecom reporting for hundreds of organizations.

TEMCare Business Intelligence services support Convergence’s Strategic and Managed Sourcing services, provide business users with actionable insight on their Fixed Voice, Mobile Voice and Data and Data Communications services, improve forecasting and budgeting, allow to monitor key performance indicators and perform what-if analysis, forecasting, trending, exception reporting, alerting, planning and predictive modeling.

And with Convergence TEMAuditor Workbench acting as a front-end application to TEMExpert analysts are empowered to execute simulations, optimizations and deep validations fast and efficiently.

Business Intelligence is equally important within the operational environment for the day to day reporting TEM users depend upon. Accessible through the TEMPOR Enterprise portal, Rivermine software provides Clarity as a Business Intelligence solution to easily support users with reporting on inventory, contracts, invoices, services, usage, MACD and MARC metrics, procurement and payment, assurance and savings metrics and other information managed in the TEM database.

TEMCare Business Intelligence Services provide the actionable information that organizations need to analyze expenses by organization (entity, legal and logical division, department, cost center, location, etc.), operator, service type, inventory type and categories and the many other dimensions determining the telecom environment and related expenses.

It maximizes the value of the available information and provides the ability for business units such as IT, finance, procurement, HR and individual departments and for individual users to generate the business intelligence deliverables they need.

TEMCare Business Intelligence Services include:

  • Configuration and automation of required dashboards, reports, analytics, alerts from the operational TEM environment.
  • Delivery of customizable and "ad-hoc" reports, configured through the intuitive report-building wizards with drag-and-drop features.
  • Dashboards and KPI’s for financial management, invoice processing, vendor scorecards and service order management.
  • Scheduled data loading into the TEMExpert data warehouse.
  • Normalization, translation, mapping, transformation of information allows getting a unified view across geographies, countries, entities and other dimensions.
  • Enrichment of the telecom CDR data with data service data, essential for validation and optimization.
  • Enrichment of the data warehouse with data from other sources such as HR, ERP, SCM and asset management databases.
  • Automated distribution of TEMExpert Business Intelligence reports, alerts and messages.
  • Secure, rule based access to privacy sensitive information for power users empowered with the OLAP and data mining features of TEMExpert.
  • Periodic simulations using the TEMSimulator front end application to perform deep simulation of alternative and competitive contracts and tariff plans and what-if analysis.
  • Periodic optimization using the TEMOptimizer front end application to perform deep optimization within the actual contracts, inventory, usage patterns and tariff plans.
  • Periodic deep validation using the TEMValidator front end application to surface discrepancies that are only to be detected through analysis across many dimensions and vast amounts of data.
  • On demand and scheduled trend reporting based on detailed data mining and aggregation of the vast amounts of transaction data available in the TEMExpert data warehouse.
  • Integration of business intelligence in the customer’s web enabled environment such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Excel, Business Objects, Cognos and other BI environments. 

TEMCare Business Intelligence Services empower customers with an unseen level of Telecom data access and insight in their telecom environment. Using that insight telecom analysts are empowered to produce the advice on cost cutting and efficiency improving actions that provide in a quantum leap in your Telecom Service Lifecycle Management (TTSLM) performance.

Contact us for more information on TEM Business Intelligence and other TEMCare services.

TEM Managed Services take out the hassle

In the current economic climate and for years to come, business executives will remain concerned with managing costs, including runaway Telecom Expenses. Most organisations however don’t have the internal skilled resources waiting to launch a Telecom Expense Management initiative, necessary to contain telecom costs and keep the TEM processes going in a timely matter. Telecommunication expenses may represent 25% to 50% of ICT expenses, yet are escaping cost-containment initiatives due to the growing complexity of Telecom Services. Managing telecom requires highly specialized people, with specific skills and deep industry knowledge that only comes with experience from a large number of TEM projects. Organizations may discover that they don't have the right people or resources to execute their Telecom Expense Management initiative internally, all or in part. The expensive internal operational costs and complex administrative headaches of managing telecommunications bills, service provider relationships and especially rapid growth of mobile and data services are effectively addressed by a TEM initiative. But addressing the resource issue is equally important to assure savings in a quick and sustainable manner. That’s why Convergence provides a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Services to assure managing and optimising of data, voice, and mobile expenses is assured with a minimum of internal resources. Our TEMCare Managed Services, allow you to outsource the repetitive, tactical tasks that support your TEM initiative. We provide TEMCare Managed services for both on premise and Convergence hosted TEM deployments. These SLA based services guarantee unparalleled control and visibility into your organization's telecom spend while maintaining strict security and confidentiality standards. TEMCare Managed Services employ industry best practices, install collaborative processes between your and Convergence's resources and are customizable to your individual needs and outsourcing level required. TEMCare Managed Services take out the hassle of establishing and maintaining your TEM initiative, are carefully tuned to match each client’s needs and budget and focus on results.

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