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MDM: Mobile Device Management Services

MDM Mobile ServicesTEMCare Mobile Telecom Lifecycle Management

Convergence delivers a high-value solution to reduce the costs, risks, and complexity associated with managing your mobile environment.

Our integrated Rivermine, Convergence proprietary and third party software powered management solution allows you to outsource the business processes associated with Mobile Telecom Lifecycle Management - freeing valuable IT time to spend on strategic, rather than tactical initiatives.

When you consider how many hours are normally spent manually procuring, tracking, and maintaining the countless mobile devices used within your enterprise - not to mention data security and compliance concerns, and how much you could save with better management of those assets - it's easy to see why organizations rely on Convergence for Mobile Telecom Lifecycle Management.

Telecom Audit & Consulting

Mobile Telecom is challenging even the most knowledgeable IT specialists to keep pace with a rapid evolving portfolio of new and changing services and options.
Any Mobile Telecom project initiative requires careful evaluation of the myriad of offerings in a very dynamic and complex market, requiring answers to many technology questions and related financial implications:

  • What are the available tariff plans and their impact on the service and expenses we will get from each applicable tariff option?
  •  How can we be assured to get the best contract terms and conditions from our operator(s), benchmarked to the current state of the telecom market?
  • What are the best mobile devices for the different user profiles and applications?
  • Is VoIP technologically and financially (already) to be considered for our company’s needs and our communication profile?
  • How will we validate the expenses incurred and keep track of our mobile voice and data infrastructure and costs?

 The Convergence Solution

The management of mobile communications requires a specific set of functionality expressly engineered to address the unique technological challenges inherent within the wireless world.

TEMCare’s managed services offers organizations the comprehensive functionality and services they need to ensure that the financial and process management of their mobile devices and services are operating at optimal levels.

A number of specific services are available to help organizations manage their mobile communications including:

  • We help you to define your real business needs and align the technology options with those needs.
  • We help you to design the best architecture for your organization’s requirements.
  • We analyze and benchmark your current operator’s service offerings as well as available alternatives in the market using ITIL based methods and the world’s most advanced TEM – Telecom Expense Management technology platform.
  • We analyze your telecom infrastructure and available services to reduce your baseline of telecom expenses with typically 20% to 40%.

Using integrated Rivermine, Convergence proprietary and third party software, the procure to pay process is brought under control through the following services:

  • Invoice Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile application management
  • Assurance Reporting
  • Ordering & Provisioning
  • Rate Plan Optimization
  • Administrative Support
  • Help Desk Support
  • Application Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Device Management
  • Policy Administration
  • Security management
  • Current/Gap/Future Process Analysis & Recommendations
  • Process Development
  • Custom Report Generation

 Your Benefits

  • You directly benefit from our experience of optimizing and managing telecom expenses from 150+ customer organizations and hundreds of others through partners.
  • You have permanent access to experienced telecom and business consultants from an independent partner who advises you better than a technology provider or an operator.
  • 360° deployment and support services from specialist covering technology and service implementation, procurement, ongoing telecom bill audit and expense optimization.
  • Advanced reports, analytics, messaging and alert services keep you on top of any telecom related issue needing attention.
  • Compliance and cost allocation, permanently in line with your evolving telecom service, technology and infrastructure portfolio

Contact us for more information on Convergence Mobile Telecom Lifecycle Management solutions.

Mobile Device Management - security and efficiency

Over the years TEM has evolved far beyond just checking telecom invoices. TEM domain functions now include usage management, inventory management, ordering and provisioning management, strategic sourcing management and Business Intelligence. This means departments such as Procurement, HR, Finance, Purchasing and ICT are increasingly using TEM software as the pivotal application to manage telecom. No wonder these users are looking to TEM suppliers to provide a solution for the control and management problem of the fast growing mobile devices inventory and the digital assets they contain. That’s where Mobile Device Management comes into the equation.
Managing the data, security and applications on mobile smart devices has become a challenge for ICT administrators, compliance officers, HR and anybody concerned with protection of the digital assets of your organisation. Valuable management information was previously safely protected in a closed network environment, but now lives unsecured on mobile devices. Without the appropriate security, mobile devices are extremely vulnerable to security gaps. IT and security experts want to manage and protect sensitive information and enforce compliance centrally, rather than leaving the burden of security to the mobile device end-user.
Operational costs to support an increasingly mobile workforce have at the same time become a burden to ICT support departments. Convergence’s Mobile Device Management solution providing control across multiple brands of smart devices and platforms, multiple user groups, and multiple processes dramatically reduces support overload, ensures compliance and security, manages mobile applications and provides remote visibility and control.

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