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    Client Software

    A software solution that allows updates on mobile clients, remote OS software and applications provisioning over the air and optimized updates for applications. Read more...

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    Enterprise Software

    Supports multi-tenancy which allows supporting organizational divisions, entities, business units and multiple device software platforms, operators and networks. Read more...

Client SoftwareConvergence Mobile Device Management Client Software

Convergence MDM Client Software is a based on a third party software solution that allows updates on mobile clients, remote OS software and applications provisioning over the air and provides optimized updates for installed applications to save bandwidth.

The device client software provides in a centrally managed device side solution for automated security policy implementation and support for compliance and device activation.

Mobile Device Management Client Software Features

Device management

  • Updating, adding and removal of embedded software components on monolithic firmware images, Read-Only and Read-Write File Systems

Client Software Management

  • Adds, updates, and removes received applications on the corporate devices.
  • Feeds all applications, service information, security policies and device status back to MDM Enterprise application.
  • Allow help desk and administrators to remotely connect, diagnose, support and maintain Smartphones.
  • Automated enforcement of corporate policies.
  • Automated enforcement of security policies.

Application optimization

  • Optimized updates for installed applications to save bandwidth

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Mobile Device Management - security and efficiency

Over the years TEM has evolved far beyond just checking telecom invoices. TEM domain functions now include usage management, inventory management, ordering and provisioning management, strategic sourcing management and Business Intelligence. This means departments such as Procurement, HR, Finance, Purchasing and ICT are increasingly using TEM software as the pivotal application to manage telecom. No wonder these users are looking to TEM suppliers to provide a solution for the control and management problem of the fast growing mobile devices inventory and the digital assets they contain. That’s where Mobile Device Management comes into the equation.
Managing the data, security and applications on mobile smart devices has become a challenge for ICT administrators, compliance officers, HR and anybody concerned with protection of the digital assets of your organisation. Valuable management information was previously safely protected in a closed network environment, but now lives unsecured on mobile devices. Without the appropriate security, mobile devices are extremely vulnerable to security gaps. IT and security experts want to manage and protect sensitive information and enforce compliance centrally, rather than leaving the burden of security to the mobile device end-user.
Operational costs to support an increasingly mobile workforce have at the same time become a burden to ICT support departments. Convergence’s Mobile Device Management solution providing control across multiple brands of smart devices and platforms, multiple user groups, and multiple processes dramatically reduces support overload, ensures compliance and security, manages mobile applications and provides remote visibility and control.

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