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Telecom Expense Management EventsStay ahead of the TEM curve attending TEM Conferences and Webinars 

Organizations now have moved beyond TEM hype and are examining how best to deliver on the promise brought by TEM. Assessing the scope of TEM solutions that have morphed from narrowly focused “bill auditing and paying” applications into full-fledged ERPs is a challenge for everyone preparing for a TEM Program.

Visiting us at one of the tradeshows or conference we sponsor brings you the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer networking with other conference attendees, as well as interact in real-time with Convergence representatives and learn about new technologies and solutions away from the daily disruptions of your office.

You will find us at premier TEM and procurement events across Europe. Ideas can be exchanged face to face to create action plans for effectively managing enterprise telecom environments. 

Whether you're an enterprise communications technology manager working to reduce the costs of your communications services through telecom expense management and contract negotiation; or a procurement category manager focused on keeping up with the fast changing telecom expense category, these events will equip you with the latest strategies and tactics to stay at the forefront of the telecommunications industry and keep you ahead of the curve. 

Online educational webinars for enterprises, government, and other organizations are another part of our event program. The webinars feature specialists and analysts of the telecom expense management industry speaking on actual topics covering technology, concept and experience about telecom expense management solutions. 

Webinar session topics include establishing international telecom management programs, mobility management, benchmarking telecom environments against other organizations, telecom inventories, and strategic TEM program planning,  technical integrity, financial accuracy, customer support, strategic organizational support; strategies for effective management; establishing metrics for managing telecom assets; selecting the right technology, and evaluating and implementing enterprise TEM programs. 

Events we participate in or organize cater to Telecom and IT leaders, financial executives, procurement managers, and other executives bearing the responsibilities to implement and maintain a performing  telecom environment while containing costs and keeping the communications environment secure. 

As more organizations are facing economic survival, they need to take a look at TEM as part of their solution and attending these events deliver great information for enterprise TEM. 

In this event section you will find: 

Tradeshows and Conferences 

Visit us across EMEA at industry specific TEM shows, conferences, forums and seminars and at procurement professionals, technology and telecom industry events. Read more... 


Webinars feature specialists and analysts of the Telecom Expense Management industry speaking on actual topics covering technology, concept and experience of TEM solutions. Read more...

Keep yourself updated on the latest TEM developments

You stay up to date on the latest developments in the vivid Telecom Expense Management by visiting our News & Events section regularly. Consult Convergence Press Releases to follow new and ongoing developments as they occur.
Printed and online media are publishing on the subject on a daily basis, even via social network sites such as twitter, LinkedIn and others and TEM industry focused blogs and technical and business newssites.
Subscribe to our webinars or visit our booth at industry events throughout Europe.

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The TEM market in Europe is developing fast. Read the latest Press Releases, Media Coverage, Industry News and Newsletters.
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