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EMEA OpportunitiesConvergence TEM Business Partner Network opportunities

With a market of 450 million people and home to some of the world’s largest commercial and non-profit organizations, Europe represents a major market opportunity for Telecom Expense Management service providers to deliver telecom expense management solutions and services.

According to leading analysts TEM adoption is developing well now in Europe. Multinational companies have business requirements placed upon them to control network facilities and reduce costs, and to be compliant with recent demands for corporate information control.

Some have already built internal processes and services. Mobility services in particular are seen to be a huge problem for enterprises and, as a consequence, a big TEM opportunity for TEM providers.

The need to control corporate network costs has featured consistently as one of the top three concerns for CIOs. The complexity and scope of large national and global network services has increased exponentially in recent years resulting in a greater volume and complexity of contracts and expenditure. Workforce mobility and the range of diverse services has led to a lack of management control and cost visibility. The majority of CIOs do not know what their total telecom spend is, but all know it is increasing fast, with mobile data the least well controlled.

Different countries have different laws governing personal privacy and information management compliance. Local regulations, language barriers, accessibility to billing data, the state of the market regarding electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) are all factors that have slowed down the adoption of TEM in Europe.

Under the current increasing pressure to reduce costs, led by US multinational companies who already domestically experienced the benefits of TEM on their balance sheet, organizations now also are under increased pressure in Europe to launch Telecom Expense Management initiatives, while US companies are extending the scope of their TEM projects to other continents, including Europe.

This provides a unique opportunity for people with the right business development, telecom management and telecom technology skills to provide TEM services across Europe as the market develops. Convergence has been a TEM leader since the market originated in its current form in the US and is now extending its business across the EMEA region.

Being a “Flat World” company, Convergence relies on a network of business partners to advance its business on an EMEA-wide scale. Our TEM Business Partners Network allows skilled specialists to join us and leverage their experience with ours to enter and make a living from a promising market.

The Convergence TEM Business Partner Network enables senior telecom and audit professionals to operate in a “Flat World” environment, and work on Telecom Expense Management projects within our Global 2000 customer base.

When you become a Convergence TEM Business Partner Network member, you work autonomously and in larger teams for high grade customers with strategic TEM initiatives. Also, you can count on us for access to the tools, information, and resources that will help you sell, deploy, leverage, and support Convergence’s solutions. Convergence's services are based on the market leading software from Rivermine, Convergence BillIntelligence bill processing software supporting a portfolio of over 250 billing format interfaces for European provider billing data sources and the TEMExpert Business Intelligence application, all delivered through Convergence’s TEMPOR and TEMPOR Enterprise TEM portal.

If you have experience at premier telecom carrier or service providers, or an innovative technology leader or systems integrator or audit consultancy, we invite you to become part of our Convergence TEM Business Partner Network.

Current EMEA Convergence TEM Business Partner Network opportunities exist in most European countries.

Do not hesitate to apply for a conversation on your future as a Convergence TEM Business Partner.

The following profiles are solicited in our TEM Business Partner Network:

  •  Business Associates
  • Telecom Management Consultants
  • Area Managing Partners
  • Telecom Technical Consultants

How to apply?

First, consult the Career Listings to assure you apply for a matching opportunity.

Subsequently send in your curriculum after consulting the Career Listings. You can click on the Recruitment Manager contact email button at the top of every career opportunity description you are interested in, and attach your curriculum and cover letter and clearly state the opportunity you are interested in.

Growth through Partnership

Convergence grows the EMEA Telecom Expense Management market through a multidimensional partnering strategy.

We apply the 21st century Flat World concept to growing a new type of company, able to tackle the complex challenges to support a EMEA and Global customer base.
To Business Partners we offer a technology platform based on the world’s most famous TEM software, deep international TEM know how and support from experienced TEM practitioners and a portal delivered collaborative environment.
EMEA partnering opportunities are available in most European countries and allow business development specialists with senior enterprise solution sales experience and enterprise telecom experts to join the TEM bandwagon.
These Business Partner opportunities are the new and valid 21st century approach for independently minded specialists wanting to operate in a collaborative networked company environment with a top rated international customer base.
For Systems and Software Integrators, partnering with Convergence brings in the opportunity to add TEM Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services to their portfolio with minimal investment. And adding an offering that frees up budget for investments proves to be of extreme importance for outsourcing integrators’ customers.
Thanks to the scalability of our software, Telecom Resellers now can add a Convergence operated and custom branded Telecom Expense Management solution offering to their MidMarket customer base and transition the relationship with their customers from being a supplier to becoming a strategic partner.
Convergence's partnership relationships encompass "Referral Partners", "Business Associates", "Business Process Outsourcers", "VAR's" and "Technology Partners" and are available to highly qualified individuals as wel as to ICT companies and Consultancies with the personnel resources to deliver on the TEM market opportunities in their respective markets.

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