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Marketing PartnersMarketing Partners accelerate ROI on TEM

Convergence offers a variety of partner programs with a wide array of benefit advantages, to a broad range of partner candidates.

Whether your organization is interested in the benefits of simply introducing potential clients to Convergence or you wish to become a turnkey provider of Convergence’s and its technology partner’s solution software, we have partner programs that meet or adapt to your needs.

Convergence develops the following partnerships: 

  • Referral partners – Convergence shares its success through its referral partner agreements. Referral partners that introduce prospective Convergence clients to Convergence’s and Rivermine’s software and consulting services have the opportunity to participate in the benefits of a completed client agreement through a referral fee.
  • Service Providers & Consulting Partners – Consulting partners provide expert guidance and consultation services and help clients achieve success in their telecommunications expense management projects. Consulting partners help assess each prospect’s unique telecommunications environment and requirements, make recommendations, and work with Convergence to design the appropriate solutions.
  • Systems Integration Partners – Convergence’s and Rivermine’s TEM software provides a range of opportunities for systems integrators. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, project management, design, data scrubbing and normalization, inventory collection, provisioning system and process integration, change management, and financial system integration.
  • Resellers – Targeting Telecom Reseller organizations, Convergence's Resellers Program focuses on organizations adding Telecom Expense Management to their portfolio, providing full telecom life cycle support to customers. Companies who join the Convergence Partner Program as Resellers are able to provide the Convergence Telecom Management Platform and Managed Services to customers without specific application or solution requirements. Partners in this program commit to making significant investments in joint business development, training, and marketing programs, as well as to work with Convergence account executives and consultants to deliver solutions.
  •  OEM Partners – Targeting Telecom Operators, OEM and ISV partners take advantage of our extensibility to embed TEM software easily into new application offerings or to enhance existing solutions. The Convergence Telecom Management Platform is built on leading proprietary and partner technology and provides in an operator grade Business Intelligence solution. BillIntelligence and TEMExpert seamlessly integrate with OEM partner's offering and becomes transparent to the end user. OEM partners receive aggressive resell discounts and technical, development, marketing and sales support to ensure that their applications will provide market-leading transactional and/or analytical functionality.

Become a Marketing Partner

The Convergence Partner Program will enable you to maximize revenues, strengthen customer relationships, and gain strong competitive advantage in the market. When you become a Convergence Marketing Partner, you can count on us for access to the software, information, and resources that will help you sell, deploy, leverage, and support Convergence’s solutions or your branded implementation. If you are a System Integrators, Service Provider, TEM Provider, Telecom Resellers or Telecom Operator; we invite you to become part of our Convergence Marketing Partner Program. Please click here to complete the Marketing Partner Inquiry form.

Alliance Partner Program

Convergence Alliance Partners are enabling partners who either provide the systems and application software our Telecom Expense Management technology is build on, use our technology or use our software to complement their TEM solution, or provide mutual services to assure multinational customers can be served globally. For more information about our Alliance Partner Program, click here.

EMEA TEM Partner Opportunities

If you are a telecom professional with senior business development skills, telecom management consulting experience or telecom technical consulting experience and want the become part of Convergence’s fast growing “Flat World” network organization, we invite you to consider our Convergence TEM Partner Program. For more information on our TEM Partner Program, click here.

Growth through Partnership

Convergence grows the EMEA Telecom Expense Management market through a multidimensional partnering strategy.

We apply the 21st century Flat World concept to growing a new type of company, able to tackle the complex challenges to support a EMEA and Global customer base.
To Business Partners we offer a technology platform based on the world’s most famous TEM software, deep international TEM know how and support from experienced TEM practitioners and a portal delivered collaborative environment.
EMEA partnering opportunities are available in most European countries and allow business development specialists with senior enterprise solution sales experience and enterprise telecom experts to join the TEM bandwagon.
These Business Partner opportunities are the new and valid 21st century approach for independently minded specialists wanting to operate in a collaborative networked company environment with a top rated international customer base.
For Systems and Software Integrators, partnering with Convergence brings in the opportunity to add TEM Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services to their portfolio with minimal investment. And adding an offering that frees up budget for investments proves to be of extreme importance for outsourcing integrators’ customers.
Thanks to the scalability of our software, Telecom Resellers now can add a Convergence operated and custom branded Telecom Expense Management solution offering to their MidMarket customer base and transition the relationship with their customers from being a supplier to becoming a strategic partner.
Convergence's partnership relationships encompass "Referral Partners", "Business Associates", "Business Process Outsourcers", "VAR's" and "Technology Partners" and are available to highly qualified individuals as wel as to ICT companies and Consultancies with the personnel resources to deliver on the TEM market opportunities in their respective markets.

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