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    TEMStrategy Services

    Helps you assess your TEM goals and objectives, documents your requirements, provides in advice on architecture, technologies, services. Read more...

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    RFx Services

    Convergence’s RFx method is based on a facts and figures based objective analysis, and assures that even non-financial dimensions of the bid are turned into numbers for straightforward scoring. Read more...

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    TEM Strategic Sourcing

    Combines advanced sourcing software solutions with deep domain expertise, extended market intelligence, and a proven telecom strategic sourcing process. Read more...

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    TEM Inventory

    An accurate inventory allows to execute a TEM program efficiently, providing easy reporting and analysis of inventory related information and producing maximum savings. Read more...

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    TEM Auditing Services

    A telecom audit is self funding and comes with a ROI guarantee of at least 500%. There will be no need to secure additional telecom budget to enter in this service. Read more...

TEM InventoryCreate an accurate inventory as a solid TEM foundation

The foundation of a telecom expense management (TEM) program is an accurate telecommunications service inventory. The telecom inventory is the reference base for telecom management activities such as tracking moves, adds and changes, operator spending levels and network optimization.

You cannot manage what you don’t know exists. Therefore it is critical for large organizations to have a central repository of every circuit, service, router, PBX, mobile phone, order, invoice, card, mobile computer card, etc. It is also critical for the organization to know how that inventory is configured, what its purpose for existing is, and how it is related to all the other inventory elements.

Supported by an accurate inventory, a telecom expenses management program can be executed efficiently, providing easy reporting and analysis of inventory related information and producing maximum savings.

TEM platform specifically designed for such activities allows real time and repeated analytics to support the telecommunication group's efforts.

Convergence offers Professional Services to help you create a complete telecom inventory of telecom services, assets and contracts.

We consolidate information from your- and your operator’s databases and other available telecom data sources within your organization such as operator reports, invoices, customer service records, contracts, and automated tests. Where necessary we perform on-site inventory inspections.

uilding your inventory may also be the result of an inventory audit, similar to our TEMAudit service, with the additional advantage that while opportunities are identified and savings realized we also are building a robust operational inventory model.

The audit will surface carrier billing errors and other credits, and opportunities to optimize ongoing expenses - such as eliminating excessive inventory or recommending tariff plan optimizations.

Inventory building services are executed under both fee based and contingency fee based project assignments.

Standard inventory creating services offered are:


To establish an accurate telecom infrastructure inventory and set the basis for a comprehensive TEM practice, the TEMInventory demarcation service captures accurate counts of locations, circuits, vendors, and equipment within an organization.


The TEMFoundation service consists of a consolidated fixed and mobile communications inventory creation paired with a comprehensive communications bill audit and optimization. Together these elements enable clients to realize significant, ongoing savings by identifying hidden waste and process inefficiencies and redundancies. The TEMFoundation service is also used to establish a baseline standard prior to entering into carrier contract negotiations. Designed as a virtually cost- and risk-free investment option, the two-part service applies cost savings realized through bill auditing and optimizations to offset the costs of building a comprehensive enterprise-wide communications inventory.

Contact us for more information on TEM Inventory creation services.

Professional Services deliver the quick wins to savings

Even with ICT budgets tight, launching a Telecom Expense Management initiative and realizing the cost savings that come with it is never a budget issue. Convergence's Telecom Expense Management Professional Services are one-time services that bring in savings quickly. Our TEMSolutions portfolio of Professional Services provide a strong foundation for Telecom Expense Management and are typically self-funding, some even come with a no-nonsense guarantee and free up budget instead of requiring investments. They help you understand, manage and realize valuable telecom savings and efficiencies and leave budget room to secure an ongoing TEM initiative, bringing in even further savings.
TEMSolutions are an ideal starting point for the organization that needs to define its TEM strategy, wants to get recoveries through validation and audit, optimize its telecom inventory, benchmark rates, renegotiate or RFx contracts, develop and roll out a telecom policy or Business Intelligence based reporting to better manage usage, install or streamline TEM business processes.
TEMsolutions Professional Services are result driven and based on the right combination of the golden triangle of the TEM Concept (Process), TEM Technology (Tools) and TEM Specialists (People). Convergence TEM specialists are experienced professionals, each have at least 15 years of telecom experience with national and international telecom providers and manufacturers. TEMSolutions projects are staffed with experienced professionals who understand operator billing, telecom inventory and services, telecom invoices and how to navigate the relationship with operators. TEMSolutions are based on proven, repeatable processes, applied to your unique environment and customised to your business needs depending where you are in your Telecom and Mobility Lifecycle Management initiative. TEMSolutions Professional Services leverage Convergence proprietary software such as TEMAuditor Workbench, TEMValidator, TEMOptimizer, TEMIntegrator and TEMSimulator, developed specifically for efficiently processing and providing unmatched granular visibility to telecom expenses.

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